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Hello, tech geeks. Hare is Best Free Antivirus. I hope you all are doing good. Today in this blog, we will cover a critical topic that will help you ensure your mobile and personal’s computer security.

Hare is the Word Best Antivirus to download now in 2020

In this world of digital platforms, security is the number one issue that is faced by computer and smart-phone users, and there are many forms of it.

This could be a threat, a virus, a cyberattack, ransomware or just some powerful malware that can access your Personal Information from your respective devices without even letting you know.

We all need full-proof security to secure our devices from all of these attacks and viruses. Antivirus helps us fight with these viruses and protect our equipment.


A virus is any unwanted thing that has been deployed on the network, our devices, the internet, or other modes of media. The virus causes unauthorized access of our device to the host.

The virus can also cause our device to misbehave and not work correctly. Some viruses are less powerful & can be just easily deleted while, on the other hand, the active virus can even make your machine black looped/bricked (not usable) and can also share your details to the host of that virus.


Antivirus is the easiest way to fight the virus; the antivirus is so reliable that it not even prevents the virus from entering your device but also makes a protective layer around your device, which helps shield from any unwanted source that wants to join your smart-phone or PC.

There are tonnes of antivirus out there on the internet that will protect your PC. Here we will take a look at the best antivirus for android as well as PC.

360 security

360 security is readily available on android and PC and also Free Antivirus. It is one of the essential apps for detecting your phone from a virus. Its all-round protection helps you find vulnerabilities on your device easily by running a quick scan.

It also has additional features like Storage cleaner, RAM booster, and phone accelerators, which enables you to clean the space effectively.

Users can try the free trial before actually buying the original product subscription.

Avast Antivirus


It is one of the most prominent antivirus firms. Avast provides various features like Network scan, local scan, and search for vulnerabilities when you’re working online on your pc or android device. Avast has its Key locker where you can safely store your files.

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When Avast is turned on, it automatically allows you to surf without worrying about the virus from the internet or any other such kind of malware.

Avast has a unique bundle that connects your PC subscription with your android device so that you never have to worry about the security of either one of them.

Avast is available for a free 7-day trial to make sure it is worth it.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus: AVG is one more leading giant in the antivirus community. In 2016, Avast acquired AVG, so the experience of both the apps are quite similar. The basic approach, clean work, and smooth scan flow.

AVG also has an online version and Free Antivirus where we can check if a particular file we are using is safe or not. PC can even be plugged into the AVG portal for safe and secure results.

The full scan of AVG checks every file present on the PC and review for the probable errors.

These errors are then stored in logs and are tested in the future if found, are deleted automatically. Users can see all the likely viruses under the error menu.

AVG is available for free on play store on all the android devices.

Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Security: This is the most powerful app to prevent malware from entering your device; this app is specially built to protect your android device from the malware on the internet.

If you have downloaded a corrupted file over the internet and you’re not able to delete the same, Malwarebytes is your only solution.

Its fast and robust approach makes it the most used app, especially for Malwares.

Malwarebytes uses special privileges to become a security assistant for your PC or android device. These privileges allow it to modify or search for the probable threats over the network and filter them according to our needs.

It also keeps a close eye on all our downloads over the web for any faulty or trojan affected corrupt file.

Malwarebytes is available for Free, and the user can upgrade to premium paid versions for extra features and enhanced security.

Norton Security

Norton Security is one of the most experienced companies in the antivirus community and Free Antivirus.

Users are delighted with the basic approach to quickly scan your PC and Android device to get rid of all the unwanted errors and viruses.

Norton uses special encryption which helps to secure informatization from around the network, and this particular feature also makes it unique from the other apps on the list.

Norton is available for free, but advanced features do require the paid membership
How to download free antivirus for android device?

Mostly, all of the antivirus given in the list are available on the play store. If not, one can download these from their respective websites.

All these free antiviruses for PC and Android devices are big giants and allow users to get started instantly via their website.

How does this free antivirus work?

Our device is like a home, and the antivirus is like a digital authentication system for our home. This system only allows individual members to go inside the house that, too, with valid proofs.

That’s exactly how an antivirus works for our PC or android device. It gains some special privileges from our system and then acts as a shield from all the viruses and malware.

    • Most of the antivirus has their logs, which help them to identify the same or similar looking infected files which are then automatically deleted by the free antivirus.
    • Antivirus also has features of a quick scan and full scan.
    • Quick scan: it only checks or scanned the areas that are most vulnerable to any infected items, such as a downloaded file folder or our home directory.
    • Full scan: it scans every single file on our device in search of a virus and takes a long time to complete.


Our Android devices and PCs are prone to many infected viruses, and it is better to use free antivirus to protect them from such attacks.