Best Manga Sites: Top 15 Manga Sites To Read Manga Online in [2020]

Best Manga Sites
@Best Manga Sites

What are Manga sites?

Best Manga Sites is one of the best-selling comics of Japan. Manga Comics Reader has a unique storyline, very deep and interesting plots, and strong characters.

The Best Manga comics are available in different genres like business, and commerce, action-adventure, comedy, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, suspense, etc.

Similarly, Manga sites help readers to Read Manga comics easily over the internet. They are mostly free however, some of them have paid memberships.

Mangas are very popular among teenagers. Kids love to read Manga comics on their smart devices anytime and anywhere.

List of Top 15 Best Manga Site to Read Manga Comics Online in 2020


This Manga site helps the viewer to read the Manga comics easily. It has one of the largest collections of Manga Comics over the web. This website has a very simple interface. The comics are organized based on different genres. Similarly, there are weekly and monthly rankings for the best manga comics.

Users can easily search for their favorite comic in the search bar. If you are confused, you can read from the top charts. Additionally, the app version of this website is also available on Android as well as IOS devices. If you’re the first-time user you can also grab the offers from the website.


Best Manga Sites is one of the most popular in Japan. This is natively developed and operated in Japan. 92% of the audience on this website is from Japan. This Manga site not only provides with e-books but also provide the Paperback version of them.

This Manga site is in the Japanese language. Foreign users can use this website using a different domain. This domain is provided by Honto-jp. You just have to put in one keyword and this site will show all the manga comics linked with that keyword.

However, there is a free trial as well using which you can try the site before purchasing the premium version.


This Manga site is one of the best in the free section. It contains advance search options and the user can read manga comic free easily. There is a tab for daily manga comics which shows the daily highest rated Manga comics.

Likewise, you can search for your favorite comics in the search bar. There are some ads on this website which might not suit everyone. However, the website is free of cost which is an important thing for the manga readers.

Additionally, readers can also play short games. There is a tab for playing these games on the home screen of the Manga site.


This is another one from the free Manga sites. This site provides all the Manga comics through different genres. Moreover, these Manga comics are sorted in alphabetical orders as well as Date-wise order.

Users find it easy to read comics from this Manga sites. Moreover, the Best Manga Sites has more than 2500 ratings on Alexa.

The trending tab on this website helps Manga readers to read Trendiest Manga comics for free online.

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There are other Best Manga Sites from Japan. It tops the list of most-viewed Manga site in 2019 by Manga readers. This Manga site is natively in Japanese and users can convert it to other languages.

Every Manga comic on this website has ratings. These ratings help the viewers to easily decide what to read. There are daily, weekly and monthly top charts to find your trendiest search for The Manga readers.


This Manga website is completely free. Manga readers can read the latest Manga comics anytime, anywhere using this Manga site. This Manga site has a very fast and smooth interface. Additionally, all the Manga comics are organized very well.

The recent or the latest releases are there on the home screen. Manga readers can easily choose their favorite topic and start reading comics online. Moreover, Manga sites are in English to make the whole reading experience even better.


TenManga is the most popular Manga site in the western part of the world. The whole Manga site is in English and is completely free. The Manga site is free from malware and is very fast as well as responsive.

Also, the website allows you to create an account to sync your last reads. Manga readers can enjoy their Manga comics on this platform free of cost.


Mangadoom provides the reader with both Manga as well as anime comics. The whole Manga website is completely free and readers can enjoy the Manga comics in the form of e-book directly from the website.

Additionally, this Manga site provides the latest news related to upcoming Manga comics, New characters, and trivia from the top-rated Manga comics. Moreover, the advanced search options help readers to find their Manga comic match in seconds.


Mangaz is a Japanese manga website. All Japanese comics are available on this website. However, the website is in the Japanese language.

Consequently, this Manga site has a rating of more than 30000 on Alexa. The whole Manga site is free to use and anyone can access this from around the world.

There are many comics series other than the manga which is available on this website. It is a whole package for the Manga Comic book readers.


Renta is the highest rated Manga site. They provide Manga comics on rent for Manga readers. This website has a smooth interface with a very pocket-friendly price. The Manga readers can rent a Manga comic for as long as they want.

Additionally, the Manga comics have some free chapters as well for the readers. These help the reader to better understand the Story and characters of a particular Manga comic.


This is quite similar to other free Manga sites. Manga readers can access the whole comic collection online for free. However, the manga comics are present in E-book format. There are more than 10000 Manga comics present on this platform.


This manga site is connected with Amazon. This site is trying to build the largest community of manga readers. The readers can easily get lifetime access to their favorite Manga comic series.

Additionally, Manga reader can avail 30-day trial before opting for the premium paid version of this Best Manga sites.

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This is the Japanese Manga site which provides free Manga comics to the readers from Japan. This Manga site is completely free and has the largest collection of Japanese Manga comics.


This manga website contains the unexplored Manga comics. Moreover, their goal is to spread the Manga comics across the world free of cost. Manga readers enjoy this website because every Manga comic on this one is unique and Exciting.


Finally, this Manga site has the latest Manga comics. The smooth and fast site makes the reader enjoy the whole experience. The manga reader can enjoy the site for 7$ per month after 15 days of a free trial.


Manga comics are a great way to rejuvenate and spend your free time. Manga readers can refer to this list to find out the best Manga comics online for 2020.