[BEST] Mobile Shooting Games in 2020

mobile shooting games

If you love mobile shooting games are the best gun games. We all like shooting games with tons of guns and explosive whether it is a single-player game or multiplayer every one enjoys these shootouts.

Top 10 Mobile Shooting Games

It is a matter of precision and speed to survive in the shooting games. Here is the list of Top 10 shooting games for mobile to enjoy these war games on mobile.

Games are the most popular way of spending free time with friends. You can entertain yourself with these games with action and excitement.

Here is the list of top action & shooting games

There is a variety of first-person and third-person shooting games. Each of them has their own gameplay and mechanics. So, without wasting time lets jump directly to the list:

1. Ailment

The Ailment is a very popular RPG and shooter game. In this game, players explore the world and find the loot. The graphics are not so advanced but controls are solid and easy to learn. You play Ailment in more than 12 languages.

2. Dead Effect 2

It is the second part of the dead effect which is a sci-fi shooting game. It comes with very attractive graphics and a ton of guns, bullets, and explosives. You can also upgrade the weapons to an extremely dangerous level.

20-hour gameplay with lots of bad guys, It is one of the best shooting game you will ever get. It also supports Nvidia shield devices which make it the best war games.

3. Fortnite

If you like mobile shooting games you have definitely heard about Fortnite. It is a game with one of the best gun game. You will get to fight with many other players and the one who stands till the last wins. It is very popular among players.

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Fortnite syncs with the account and you can wear different skins, dresses and choose from a variety of weapons. So, download this game directly you will not find it on play store to enjoy one of the best gun games.

4. Gigantic X

Gigantic X is another gun game based on the old Contra gun games. With intense action and lots of explosives, this is a very colorful game. The gameplay is about three playable characters, A good storyline and many more.

You can only stream it online o you will need an internet connection. Download d enjoy this new shooting game on the list.

5. Gunstar Heroes Classic

Gunstar heroes are the mobile version of the famous SEGA Genesis shooter. It includes the entire original gameplay with more attractive graphics. It comes with ads. You have to spend $1.99 to purchase an ad-free version. This is one of the best mobile shooting games to be played.

6. Hitman Sniper

Hitman is a gun game can be won by patience. Unlike other games that are full of excitement, this is a little slow. The gameplay is based o 150 missions that involve, Kills, Weapons, and snipers.

If you like hitmans this is a very good game. Guns are the most important part of this game. It is the best stealth shooting & action game.

7. Into The Dead 2

Into the dead is another exciting game in which the player-run through a giant area of zombies. You must survive to win the game.

This game is on this list as it has the most different gameplay in the shooting genre. One bit disappointment is that it folloe=ws freemium model.

8. Modern Combat

Modern Combat is among the top shooting game on mobile. With very decent graphics, it also follows the freemium model. In this competitive game, you can choose between 6 classes to play having their own specifications.

Modern combat is a little different from the normal mainstream shooting game & Gun Game but worth playing.

9. NOVA Legacy

Nova legacy is a free to play mobile shooting game out there. With a little more sci fictitious story, this game has interesting gameplay. With good graphics, multiplayer this game has good mechanics. The special event in this ha=game makes it more interesting and exciting to play.

10. Sky Force

In this action game, you will be a pilot and make your way through a Focus of bad guys. Like other games, the ultimate goal is to survive. With upgraded weapons and armors this gam has surprisingly excellent graphics and mechanics. laying Sky force is fun to play the game.

11. Morphite

Morphite is the newer on the list. It is the best mobile shooting game of 2017. With various missions and vast exploration, this game is a must-play. The planets in the gameplay are generated randomly so, no two worlds are the same.

It follows the freemium model as it costs $4.99 for the full game. The graphics are world-class and you will love playing it.

12. PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the most popular game in the shooting genre. If you play a mobile game you must have heard about it. With cool gameplay, it took the gaming industry in a boom. The gameplay is all about surviving.

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You will land on an island with 49 other people and the ultimate goal is surviving. It’s all about kills, loots and about the last one standing.

PUBG has broken all the records of the shooting games. It has the largest fan base. It also comes with different gameplay. You can change weapon skins and also play with your friends.

Safety Measures:-

Playing the game is very exciting but its addiction is very dangerous. It can affect our eyes and health too. Playing too many games can waste time. So, play the game but don’t get addicted to it.


So, here we have discussed the best shooting games for mobiles. If you like action prefer this list of action games. Spend your free time with your friends playing these mobile games. We have listed the first and third-person shooting games. With sci-fic gameplay to the surviving mode, we have all the games you should try. There are many world-class championships also which can be played in these games.