Quickbooks Alternative -Best Alternative of Quickbooks [2020]

Quickbooks Alternative

If you run a business, You probably need accounting software. It is well known that QuickBooks of the most popular accounting software for businesses. As it has many features which can be very helpful but it is paid also. So, in this article, we will be discussing the Quickbooks alternative.

What is Quickbooks?

Every business needs an accounting department. Quickbooks is an amazing accounting software that helps us with accounting.

It makes accounting very simple and smooth. Moreover, several features save a lot of time as well. Accounting is a difficult job, however, Quickbooks makes it look very easy.

Quickbooks target audience small or medium-sized businesses. Also, they provide on-premise service to these businesses.

Moreover, there are cloud storage options available as well. This cloud solution can accept payment, pay bills and set up your payment portal in the best way possible.

Quickbooks is a great platform but there are free alternatives available as well.

The best list of free Quickbooks alternatives

Ther are lots of QuickBooks alternative to keep your accounts updated. As accounts are one of the critical parts of any business. So, without wasting more time let’s jump directly to the list:


This platform is by far the best Quickbooks alternative. Also, this platform has 85% of the features available on the Quickbooks.

Moreover, some of its features are not even available on the best-paid versions.

Most importantly, it’s completely free with unlimited users and unlimited business adding capacity. It’s also better than the Excel sheets due to a fast and smooth interface.

Wave gives the user the ability to manage accounting and payments with no handling fees.

The features are very similar to any paid competitor’s platforms. Moreover, its very user friendly and easy to use


Track Incomes: this is the best and most used feature for any accounting software. Moreover, Wave track incomes easily without any trouble.

Unlimited Number of users: it allows us to add any number of users to our business profile. Furthermore, this feature might not be available in even some paid versions.

Connect Banks and credit cards: You can easily download transactions on your given bank accounts directly from the account manager.

Reports: The platform allows us to report to track our business in better insights. The reports come with a proper understanding of the given period.



This is another widely popular Account management solution. This provides amazing coverage for every small detail in the field of accounting.

Moreover, its extensive features allow users to have the best possible experience. It shares good records as the QuickBooks however, this is free of cost.

Freshbooks are more dynamic and also, give a lasting solution to the users. There are many different stages available for new users to go with.

It is available on both Windows and Mac users showing its flexible nature. Finally, due to these features its widely popular free Quickbooks alternative.


Fast: its faster than most of the platforms available. It’s really simple and unique approach intrigue users to use this free platform.

Remove Overdues: It helps in quickly managing and removing the previous bills that are not paid yet. Moreover, this helps us to manage the timeline properly.

Automatic Reminders: It allows us to give prompt feedback and notifications for Automatic payments. Furthermore, this helps users to interact as less as possible in their timeline.

Reports & Insights: there are many insights into the given reports of this platform. Also, this helps us better understand the whole payments in our accounts.



This platform provides the best in class user experience. Moreover, the platforms have both free and paid versions available for the account users.

It provides a real-time view of your cash flow and transactions. Users can log in to their cashflow account anytime and anywhere on our respective platforms like Mac or windows.

Additionally, XERO is known for its exceptional user interface. Despite being an accounting software, users can access it very easily without any manual help.

Accounting was never this easy and stress-free for all business owners.


Run your business online: with 24/7 online cloud support, XERO gives the best services. Furthermore, users can take out invoices, create new streams easily from their smartphones.

Online Invoicing: it helps the user to fight with the physical modes of transfer. Now with XERO, we can get online invoicing and bill collection directly to our business stream.

Faster billing: you can easily reconcile your transaction in seconds. Moreover, XERO provides the fastest and easiest user interface to its clients.

Security: the platforms provide adequate security measures to save your cash flow transactions to your authorities only. Furthermore, there are multiple security interfaces to choose from.

Sage 50 cloud


This platform provides a hybrid of cloud and Desktop solutions. Moreover, it is used by more than 3 million users.

It provides managing, finances and other cloud solutions for small and medium businesses.

Furthermore, there is an extensive feature pack in the paid version as well. The free trials give a better insight to the users about the whole platform.

The flexible and user-friendly approach excite users to make this their accounting manager platforms.

This platform also keeps updating and adding new features. Hence, it is very adaptive and innovative and one of the best Quickbooks alternative.


Accounting and finance: There are several features to provide exceptional accounts management software. The best tools for your cash flow and invoicing for your business.

Sage Intacct: this is one of the best cloud platforms for business solutions.

People and payroll: provide solutions for managing your team by giving HR directive to us. Moreover, can be available as an alternative to Salesforce.

Better Collaboration: with easy connectivity to your client by the online portal. Additionally, users can interact and connect with other businesses over the cloud.

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Accounting is an essential part of every business. However, is not taken care of properly most of the time.

Account management portals are a must for business owners to keep track of everything on their smartphones.

Moreover, business owners can also take online invoicing from anywhere around the globe to give better connectivity to them.

The portals are flexible to most of the platforms to provide better results to the users.

Quickbooks is one of the best software available out there. However, this list provides us with batter and free Quickbooks alternative.

There are many other Account managers available out there. Let us know if we miss your favorite alternate to Quickbooks in the comment section below.