[TOP] 15 Most Famous Web Series : You Can Watch Now

Web Series

In the last few years, Web Series has become very popular. Every one no a days like to watch web series and the companies are also sending billions of dollar for making content. The facility to watch on-demand has increased the demand for web series even more.

Best 15 Web Series Of All Time: To Watch In 2020

1. Mirzapur


Mirzapur is one of the best action web series of India. An incident at a wedding starts the event in this web series leads to may murders and raw action.

This web series is based on a gangster family and two youngsters who chose the path of crime to save their father.

Amazon Prime has announced the second part to be released in 2022. With lots of action, Drama and romance, Mirzapur is one of the best amazon web series to watch in 2020.

2. Inside Edge


The inside edge is a top-rated web series of Amazon. It is a cricket betting based series which is based on a team Mumbai Mavericks. Storyline inspired by I.P.L. this series has a lot of thrill and action in the storyline.

The battle between the team and the fixer Vikrant Dhawan is the epic scene of this series. Amazon has also released season 2 of this series in 2019.

Which is again a world-class sports action series. If you like stories and business Inside edge is one of the best Amazon prime web series.

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3. Sacred Games


If you are on any social media you must have seen the memes of sacred games. It is a very well known web series on Netflix. The story of a gangster named gaitonde is very thrilling to watch. The name of the episodes is based on Hindu mythology.

4. T.V.F. Pitchers


If you want to be an entrepreneur, T.V.F. pitcher is a must-watch web series. In this, the ups and downs of an entrepreneurial journey are shown.

A series of pitching in which startup pitches the investors to crack investment. Wach, the entrepreneurs in action in T.V.F. Pitchers.

5. College Romance


Every one loves series based on college life s they can relate to it. College Romance is such a series of 3 B.F.F.s. Their college life and their relationship.

It is one of the best romantic web series. With some abusing language, college romance is exciting to watch. Remember your college days with college romance.

6. Hostel Daze


As the name suggests this web series is based on college life. The hostel life is one of the best memory of life. The excitement and adventure of the hostel room is correctly displayed in this series.

It gives an overall view of how an engineering college hostel looks like. Romance, action, fun Hostel Daze os a complete package of entertainment.

7. Kota Factory


Kota Factory is a series based on the life of Kota students. The problems they face in Kota and from the struggles they go through. The storyline follows a student who was new to Kota and wants to be an I.I.T. aspirant.

The early day struggles he goes through. The problems related to the studies, food, and hostel.

8. Apahran


An inspector was trapped by a girl into kidnapping. This is the stat of the plot of how he was conspired into kidnapping and killing a young girl. With a chain of events, the inspector became the victim of the web series. You will love to watch this romantic-thriller web series.

9. The Family man


The Family Man is a web series with a storyline of a raw agent who was a family man too. The series has shown the conflicting interest of the two lives he is living in. It is exciting to watch a middle-class man who is in special forces.

While he is saving his countries from special forces and keeping his family at the same time from his secret life.

10. T.V.F. triplings


Three siblings who are jobless, divorced, and hopeless. They start a road trip to find the meaning of their life.

This hilarious journey will make you laugh and enjoy yourself at the same time. Join them to see the purpose of their life.

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11. Gandi Baat


Gandi Baat is one of the best adult crime series. In its every episode, you will get to know a new story which is full of passionate thing and the crimes at the end of each chapter.

12. Suits


Suits are one of the most classy series of lawyers. In this series, you will witness the journey of a world-class lawyer named Harvey Specter. The new cases and the thrill of this series have made it one of the most famous series of America.

It shows the dark secrets of the corporate world and the dealing in them. If you love business, this a must-watch web series for you.

13. Billions


Billions is a series based on a billionaire names Bobby Axelrod. A trader who is a legend in his work. The enemies and deals you can see in each episode.

The whole storyline follows the rivalry between bobby and U.S. attorneys. Witness the cat and mouse fight between a trader and the U.S. government.

14. Flames


One of the most exciting web series with teenage romance. This series unfolds the love in the form of a chemical reaction. Flames is an adorable show to watch, especially for teenagers. If you are fond of love stories, you must watch it.

15. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


F.r.i.e.n.d.s series one of the most popular series in youth. With lots of comedy, it will make your day. It is an American web series. These reis shows that friends are family.

If you are alone, friends are the only one who helps you. You can do anything with them, whether it is laughing, Movies, etc.


This was the list of best web series you must watch as you know series are endless. We have written some selected web series which you will like to attend. Also mention this that you will have access to different content in different countries; each of them has its subscription criteria. So, watch and enjoy this series with your family and friends and enjoy your holiday.