[BEST] 20 Fortnite Tips And Tricks: How To Win Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite Tips And Tricks

Fortnite is one of the popular games in the youth. With exciting gameplay, there are 100 players in the game, and the last one surviving will be the winner.

There are lots of Fortnite Tips and Tricks to get an edge over other players. It is a famous game developed by EPIC GAMES.

So, here is the list of Top 20 Fortnite tips and tricks to win Fortnite battle royal in 2020.

Top Fortnite Tips And Tricks For Win Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite has released several updates these days. So, we have discovered some neat tips. If you want to win in Fortnite royal battel here is the advice to get an edge:

1. Start With Patience

Always start the game with patience. No need to jump in the populated area. Land on then isolated areas to take some breathing space. Search for guns and wait on the side are for the enemies.

2. No Need To Blindly Jump Into A Fight

Never be the first to attack anyone, you see. Wait for your turn. No need to blindly get into a battel.

You never know who is watching you, and a small mistake can get you killed. Remember, the ultimate goal is to survive.

3. Don’t Rely On the Only Type Of Weapon

Select your weapons carefully. Don’t rely on one only one type of weapon. Take a variety of them in your bag.

Whether it is the bomb, shotgun, or rifle, every gun has its specialty.

4. Watch Out Carefully

Keep an eye on everyone. Always be attentive about the enemies. Anyone from anywhere can appear to shoot you.

Still watch out for the biding places and don’t give passage to anyone. Your ignorance can get you killed. Attentiveness is one of the best tricks for Fortnite.

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5. Build, Build

The difference between Fortnite and other games like this is players can build the defending structure to save them from the attack.

The difference is buildings define a good and bad player. Structures can help you a lot to win an epic battle.

6. Stay On High Grounds

Always stay on the high grounds. Higher altitude will help you look around and to kill the enemy’s downland.

For there, you can easily track any other player and kill them. Targeting also becomes easy. Itis one of the best Fortnite tips for mobile.

7. Aim For Roads And Rivers

Aim to land near roads and rivers it will help you to navigate easily. You will get good weapons near rivers.

They are isolated, so you will not face off any other player in the first go. Roads are Rivers are an excellent Fortnite tip fir Ps4 and Mobile.

8. Keep Patience For Supplies

Don’t rush for supplies. Everyone will go for supplies in the first go, so it becomes dangerous to rush for it. Wait patiently for the supplies. Avoid useless faceoffs and wait for your turn.

9. Use Headphones

Use headphones while playing Fortnite. As you will hear the footsteps of the enemies.

It will also help you spot the enemies who are firing as you can listen to the shoots easily. Wearing headphones is one of the best Fortnite tricks for mobile.

10. Hide To Heal

Whenever you are injured, don’t forget to heal. Hide in some safe place and wait to heal. Hiding will give you time to heal. It will also protect you from the enemies while improving.

11. Be Tactful

Decide your strategy very smartly. Wait for your turn, and don’t rush into a battel. Move-in the opposite direction while sliding down the hills to save the energy so that you can use it in the battel.

12. Run With Free Hands

Always remember to run with free hands. It will increase the speed of the sprint so that you can run from the enemies.

Running with a gun will decrease your rate, which will make you an easy target.

13. Always Run ZigZag

Always run in a zigzag way to avoid getting killed. If you run in a straight line, no one can target you so that you can survive for more time.

Vice Versa Search for the players who are running in straight front as they can be targeted easily.

14. Get A Shotgun

The shotgun is one of the critical weapons for close combat. At first, it seems to be not useful, but gradually you will start feeling the need for it.

The shotgun can kill a close enemy in just one shot. So, if you want to increase your skill, go for a shotgun. This is an essential Fortnite trick for mobile to win the game.

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15. Take A Headshot

Shoot intelligently on the upper part of the body to take more damage. Shooting on the lower body will do less damage and also waste your bullet.

It will also save you from the enemy’s shot as they will get killed earlier than you.

16. Spend Your Lot Of Time On Buildings

The building top will give you a good look at the surroundings. You will easily spot the enemies to kill them.

Buildings also have good weapons and armors, which will ultimately help you to survive.

18. Don’t Loot Bodies

Don’t rush to loot the bodies. As the smart players wait for the players to loot the bodies killed by them to increase their kill count.

You can get good weapons from the bodies but beware of the players looking for you to die.

19. Understand The Colour Spectrum

Always know about the color spectrum of the guns. Colors define the power of the weapon.

Especially for the beginners, they must remember the clour spectrum I order to select the best evidence.

Grey – Common
Green – Uncommon
Blue – Rare
Purple – Epic
Gold – Legendary

20. Be A Master Trapper

Use traps for the enemies. You will get lt of trapping weapons to use. Be a master at using the traps.

It will keep you away from danger and will increase your kill count. Remember, the ultimate goal is to survive at the last.


Fortnite is one of the best survival games of this era. One hundred players land on an island full of weapons. The last one standing will be the winner.

You can play this game in the pcs as well as ps4. In the next article, we will discuss the Fortnite tips and tricks for ps4 and how to play split-screen on ps4.

So, play this legendary game to enjoy, but don’t get too much addicted to it.