Top 5 LastPass Alternatives in 2020

LastPass Alternatives

LastPass Alternatives.? Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Naukri, Monster, Dropbox …

These are just a few websites in the online world. Where ordinary people have to do their work by logging in. Many people also have more than one web email.

Apart from this, office emails, banks, credit cards and websites of insurance companies, ATMs and phone banking pins.

There is a different password for logging into the bank to complete another transaction. How can the common man’s mind remember so many passwords and PINs?

Lastpass- This is the most known name in the password manager world. The way it works seems to be quite easy to hear. Whatever password you have, it keeps them encrypted.

Just remembera single password. This is important to remember as it allows you to access another password.

Last pass is free for all your desktops and browsers, but if you want a mobile app, you will have to pay 750 rupees for the year.

Today we will talk about the last pass alternatives so read the article till last we will give you information about the Top 5 LastPass Alternatives in 2020.

Here is List Of Top 5 Last Pass Alternative

1. Bitwarden


The first one in the list of LastPass Alternatives is Bitwarden. Bitwarden is a popular option when it comes to password manager.

This program is open source and completely free. These programs are available for all major desktop operating systems, Android and iOS mobile platforms, as web, browser extensions, and even the command line.

Bitwardwn has desktop apps for Linux, macOS, and Windows; There are mobile apps and browser extensions for Android and iOS as well, not only for the popular browser but for all small web browsers like Vivaldi and Brave.

It becomes very easy to store your password when we talk about Bitewarden. If you are looking for alternatives then you can choose the Bitwarden as your password manager as it is simple and reliable.

2. Dashlane


If you are looking for LastPass Alternatives, then this can be a good option. Dashlane is a user-friendly password manager on which you can protect your personal account’s private data.

It also has the option of sync. Once synced you can also use it on different devices.

Dashlane is a multi-platform password manager and digital wallet that is also free for Android and iOS with desktop.

Users can store their password and personal information in it and encrypt it. They can use this information to automatically login to the auto-fill form and web site.

It can be integrated with the browser and the auto-fill option of the keyboard makes auto-fill easy, as well as supports Safari for IOS. It also supports Google Authenticator, which is a two-factor authentication.

Its free version can be installed on multiple devices, but if you want to sync for your phone, desktop, and online account, then you have to get paid version.



You can easily use 1Password Password Manager on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac operating systems as a LastPass alternatives.

Its easy user interface and the ability to create strong passwords make it different from the rest. In this, you can store all your private data.

The developers of this software had announced a prize of 1 million dollars for those who broke it. You can guess how strong this software will be.

Its features are similar to some other password managers and it works with Windows, Android, iOS all.

If you want to use it, you can test it well in a 30-day free trial. After the trial time is over, you will have to buy it after spending about Rs 300.

Nowadays, because of the chaos surrounding security, it seems that the password manager is necessary for you.

It is possible that one day a password will not be necessary when you run your fingerprints. But till then the support of a password manager is necessary.

4. KeeperSecurity


The next one is the KeeperSecuriy which is also a good alternative to LastPass, you can trust on KeeperSecurity as it has a good Brand Value in the market.

KeeperSecurity is a trusted password manager for enterprises, business, family and personal use.

It stores files using the two-factor authentication feature. In this, you can store the passwords of all accounts, including passport information, license number, Aadhaar number.

After this, you just have to remember a password. With this password, all your other passwords will be protected.

You can organize your password accordingly as subfolders and in folders.

The easy UI makes it user friendly. Not only just password you can also use it as a vault for your photos and videos.

5. Sticky Password


The next one is the Sticky Password as a great LastPass Alternatives you can use it very easily.

Apart from being a secure password, it is also very easy to forget but with the sticky password you have to remember only one password, this is because this password manager keeps all your information in one place and You get access to your authorized sites with its help.

If you ever forget to buy a gift for your loved ones, this Sticky Password Premium Manager keeps your loved ones’ data online and informs you periodically. It stores all your passwords securely.

Secure passwords are easy to forget but with sticky passwords, you only have to remember one password as this same password can be used across all your devices.

Apart from this, when you create new accounts and fill the auto-fill form with your details then you generate a sticky password with which you can use your password with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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We hope that now you are able to choose the best password manager for your security purpose.

You have to choose wisely which password manager you want to use, as every password manager has different qualities.

These are some best alternatives of LastPass which you can use if you don’t want to use the LastPass.