Best Need For Speed Games List in Order

Need For Speed Game List
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Need for speed is has a very special place in the mind of game lovers. With very amazing graphics Need for speed games list is very extensive.

It needs many aspects to make a racing game all-time favorite, From graphics to gameplay this game has everything.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best need for speed games list in the all-time favorite.

What is Need For Speed Racing Game?

Need for speed is one of the most popular racing games of all time. It has very amazing graphics and a world-class storyline. You can buy new cars and even modify them.

Need for speed comes with a variety of latest cars and the player buys it or he wins it by defeating the rivals.

This game has two different part, One is instant race snd the other is ranked game. The player earns the money after winning every race.

As the level increases new cars are unlocked and more advanced modifications come into play.

While ou race with the opponents the police will chase you which will make you feel the need for speed heat. Select from sprint races to lap races to practice and win the race.

The last goal of the player is to become the best-blacklisted player in the city. Now we will discuss the best need for need games list.

The Best Need For Speed List in Order

There are 18 Games in need for speed franchise. Every game has its features, cars, and maps.

From the first need for speed game in 1994 to the latest version, it covered a long distance.

So, without wasting more time let,s jump directly to the best need for speed games list:

1. NFS High Stakes – [1999]

NFS High Stakes was a turnover for the franchise. For the first time, there are chase mechanics for a single player and players are chasing for the pinks.

It does not have that interesting track but the mechanics later became revolutionary for this franchise. NFS High Stakes was one of the high time for the developers.

2. NFS Hot Pursuit 2 – [2002]

Need for Speed is all about two things: Running from police and winning the race. NFS Hot Pursuit is about both. With an awesome cops chase scene, you have to finish the race first to win.

Race with the world’s most advanced racing cars and world-class upgradations. After 17 years of hard work, this franchise made its name in the racing game genre with this game.

So, feel the thrill of chasing and winning at the same time in the game.

3. NFS Underground – [2003]

Need for Speed Underground was the game that led the franchise in a whole new direction. It is one of the best games on the list.

It launched the customization suite when it is the most important thing for the street races.

With amazing graphics and up-gradation, NFS Underground is an awesome selection for a racing game lover. So, play and feel the need for speed heat.

4. NFS Underground 2 – [2004]

In the year 2004, there was no racing game which is considered as the developers wanted to cash in.

NFS Underground 2 was the fines games on the need for speed games list. In an open world discover more versatile event types and more advanced parts.

This game has also some latest street racing cars which are loved by the racers. With good handling and racing events, it became very popular in the NFS franchise.

5. NFS Most Wanted – [2005]

With the launch of NFS Most Wanted in 2005, it became a benchmark for the modern racing games.

The pen classic environment with many other event types ahs won the racer’s heart. Although the lack of cops chase is not good the graphics and handling negotiated it.

The sequence in Rockport city and the pursuit there is too much fun. If you want to play on a big screen try need for speed most wanted pc.

6. NFS Carbon – [2006]

NFS Carbon is relatively not good as most wanted but it is loved by the players who love a dark theme. With very simple graphics and track, you will love to play NFS carbon.

As compared to Most Wanted this game has many drawbacks but it is a good name in the racing games genre. Play this game and feel the need for speed heat.

7. NFS Hot Pursuit – [2010]

Unlike its previous version, this game is the magic of its era. Ht pursuit reboot feels like a complete modern racing game with world-class graphics. The environment design and the tracks are the best in the series.

It gives the awesome experience of the street races and other events to the fullest. It is the best in the need for speed games list.

8. NFS Most Wanted – [2012]

Need for speed most wanted 2 is probably the best game on this list. With all the advanced features you will love playing it. The blacklist sequence is very thrilling.

It has very interesting tracks and an environment or a good experience. You will find every advanced car from Porshe to viper.

You will get a pink slip after winning every blacklist. The chase scene also became difficult for more action.

You will also love playing need for speed most wanted pc on the big screen. Enjoy this game with your friends and end this game with an exciting experience.

9. NFS Payback – [2017]


It is one of the latest on the best need for speed games list. As te payback is a good sequence but the game design is not very attractive.

You will see police chase clips in the middle of the game to give it a movie like a view. It has good graphics.

The chase scene is very tough a competed with other games that you might love. It has heavy vehicle upgrades and many racing cars to play with.

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So, here is the best need for speed game list. From the need for speed most wanted pc to the latest payback, you will feel the need for speed heat in all the games.

If you love racing games with lates cars you must give a try to this franchise. Vehicle up-gradation will give you a real feel and the storyline is also awesome.

So, enjoy this game with your friends and comment below abut the best part of the game.