[Best] 26 PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks: How to Survive in Battleground

PUBG Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks has become one of the most popular games in the last few years.

From college students to bachelor professional, everyone loves to play PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks. This gave become slang in millions.

With the increase in gamers, the competition to survive in the battleground is at its worst. Here are the PUBG free tips and tricks to survive in the battlefield.

Here Are The Best Tips And Tricks for PUBG Mobile

Everyone is searching for PUBG free tips thee days on the internet to make chicken dinner. So, we are here with the list of the best 25 best PUBG strategies:

1. Parachute

Neverland in the populated area, especially if you are a beginner. The first couple of minutes are crucial.

Land on a small place away from the building and pick up the essential guns.

2. Play Smart

Don’t rush into the battel. Wait for your turn. The ultimate goal is to win. This is the best PUBG strategy to follow.

3. Find Your Weapon

In the first couple of games, find the weapon you are comfortable with. Check the damage power and handling.

Once you find it don,t lose it. Play with the end of the game. Changing weapons can get you killed in the battleground.

4. Go For Scope

Always use a gun compatible with scope. Using scope is a smart move to destroy the enemy without getting spotted. Play smart and try to find a reasonable scope.

5. Use Headphones

You must be aware of the bullet sounds. This is one of the best PUBG mobile tips.

Wearing headphones will aware of the footsteps of the enemy and the bullets, which will ultimately help you to survive.

6. Wait

Yes. If you are searching for how to get better at PUBG, mobile patience is the key. Don’t shoot continuously.

Wait for the enemy and shoot at the right time. No need to come in the sights of others.

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7. Aware Of The Red Zone

Red Zone is the most important thing to be mindful of. Ignorance will get you killed. Always stay away from the red zone.

PUBG tips and tricks advanced: Wait on the boundary of the red zone to spot and kill other players.

8. Run Without wEapon

Always keep in mind that sprinting with a weapon is no smart choice. It will decrease your speed and may get you killed.

Keep your guns inside and run with a free hand to maintain the momentum.

9. Choose Vehicles Wisely

The vehicle should be chosen smartly. Don’t go for open cars as you will be an easy target. Choose fast and covered vehicles if you want to win.

10. Don’t Rush For Supply Drops

Supply drops are not worth trouble. Everyone will rush toward it. So, don’t go that way.

If you want some more kills, wait at the supply drops for other players to come. It is one of the best PUBG mobile strategies.

11. Switch Modes

Switch to first-person and third-person mode to have a better view of the game and to aware of the enemies.

12. Watch The Yellow Bar

If you are searching for the best PUBG mobile tricks, Watch the yellow bar after your full health.

It will help you run faster and survive better. Drink some energy drinks to maintain the yellow bar.

13. Peek & Fire

Use peek & fire to shoot. In this, you can see through the cover, which will save your body, but your head is still exposed. It could be a great move if you master it.

14. Graphic quality

Change the visual quality in settings. Graphics can enhance the gameplay as it increases the visibility. High graphics can help you play hard and survive better.

15. Play In Team

Always take care of your squad. Communicate with each other, and don’t go far from them. Recover their health if they are shoot and how to get chicken dinner.

How to play PUBG solo: Go to the setting menu and select solo to play PUBG solo.

16. Friends and PUBG

The beauty of PUBG lies in friends. Invite all your friends to play PUBG. Your real-life squad will be an excellent choice for the PUBG squad.

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17. Edge Of Blue Circle

Be at the blue zone to stay away from the red area and to spot the enemy easily at the same time.

18. Play barefoot

Wearing boots can make more sounds, which will make enemies aware. Play barefoot to attack to kill other players silently. Boots could not be a great choice.

19. Don’t Lie Down During a Combat

When in combat with other players, don’t try to lie down and shoot. It will expose your head and get you killed faster. After all, surviving the critical goal in the game.

20. Run, Run

If you are getting shoot and you have no clue where the enemy is, just run and find a cover.

The building will be a great choice. Don’t try to stay back and search for the enemy. It will get you killed.

21. Go ZigZag

When in combat, don’t run in a straight line. Run ZigZag to prevent snippers. Running in a straight line will make it easier for the enemies to shot you.

22. Change The Armour

Always wear armor while playing the game. Change the armor whenever you get an advanced one.

It will help to take the bullets and survive you better. Armors with helmets are a great choice.

23. Aware Of The Other Players

Always keep your eyes on the enemies. Anyone can shoot you from anywhere. Remain attentive about the sounds and footsteps. Don,t roam in open areas for a long time.

24. Shooting Spot

Get a shooting spot at a high altitude. Towers will be a great option. Take a sniper and wait for the other enemies to come. It is the most useful PUBG mobile tips and tricks.

25. Used Shotguns

Shotguns are the best choice for short combat. At first look, it seems useless, but gradually you will the importance of the shotguns. When in close combat, it will kill the enemy in a single shot.

26. Save Yourself First

The ultimate goal is to save yourself. If you want a chicken dinner, you have to be alive. So, use every PUBG mobile tips and tricks to survive and earn a diamond batch.


So, we have discussed the best PUBG mobile tricks to play better and to showoff with your friends.

Become a PUBG legend and eat chicken dinner, but don’t forget to study as your future depends on this. Don’t get addicted to this game.

In the next article, we will discuss how to play PUBG on pc and how to play PUBG on PS4.