Teamviewer Alternative : Best Alternative & Similar to Teamviewer

Teamviewer alternative

Remote management in this era is very important. The apps like TeamViewer are very helpful in managing the online meeting and remote team. Although the Team viewer is full of advanced features there are some limitations in image quality and security. So, in this article, we will discuss the Best Teamviewer alternative for remote management.

What is Teamviewer?

Teamviewer is a software that is used to do online meetings. It is also useful in file transferring and web conferencing. This software is supported in almost all platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, and others.

It is a site that made complex management very easy. With the help of TeamViewer, managers can take care of the work of the employees who are geographically far away from them.

Companies often use this software to manage small projects which do not need the physical presence of all the team members. Many of the companies also use TeamViewer to manage freelancers in many cases.

Best Alternative & Similar to Teamviewer

TeamViewer is a very useful software but Somewhere it lacks security reasons and quality. So, there are many similar apps like Teamviewer which works as an alternative to the team viewer.

Some of the apps ate even better than Teamviewer as it eliminates the problems which the user faces in the app. So without wasting much time let’s directly jump to the list:

1. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a great alternative to Teamviewer. It is better than Teamviewer in terms of simple interface and easy to use functions. This software is very useful in managing remote work. It provides world-class security.

The quality of the content and the interlace are also awesome. So, if you are searching for an alternative for Teamviewer this app is a viable option.

2. Mikogo

Mikogo is another great Teamviewer alternative. Unlike TeamViewer, it is not free. The most fantastic feature of this software is you don’t need to install it. You can directly access it from the browser.

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Supported by almost all browsers. With a very simple interface, it is a premium Teamviewer alternative. After a 14- day trial you have to pay for this Site.

It supports 25 team members at a time. Mikogo can be very useful 9n handling remote work and management like Teamviewer.

3. ThinVNC

ThinVNC is a software used to manage remote work and can work as a free TeamViewer alternative. It comes with a remote guide for beginners. It is very easy to uses and not ave many complex features.

Security is not that good but the smooth transition compensates it. If you are searching for a light TeamViewer alternative with not so many features ThinVNC can be a great option.

4. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a software developed by the co-developers of Teamviewer. The idea was to make a more efficient Teamviewer alternative. They used advanced technology to reduce the volume of data during transmission.

In fact, AnyDesk a fast ad more efficient Teamviewer alternative. It follows the Freemium model. It a user-friendly interface. So, if you are searching for a better Teamviewer alternative AnyDest can beat it.

With the Fastest data transmission feature, it is the best remote management software.

5. Ultra VNC

UltraVNC is an opensource Teamviewer alternative. It follows advanced security protocols. It efficiently setup and manages remote connections. This software uses the VNC principle on the Remote framebuffer Protocol.

Multilevel encryption is used. You can exchange files as well as text messages. It comes with extensive and very advanced features. UltraVNC is really an advanced Teamviewer alternative.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you do not want to install complex Sofware them Chrome remote desktop is a great option. Unlike other complex sites, you just have to install a remote desktop extension in your chrome browser.

You can use this to remotely control and watch remote desktop. It connects with your goog account and helps you to mage the remote work. But web conferencing can not be done using this.

So, if you just want to control remote desktop Chrome Remote Desktop is a great option.

7. WebEx Meetings

WebEx meeting was taken over by CIsco in 2007. From then on it works as a subsidiary of it. With the technology of cisco WebEXis a great Teamviewer alternative. In the free version, you can hold a web meeting for two people.

More than two-person require a premium subscription. With a premium, you can take a web conference of up to 100 people. It has a very user-friendly interface with the trust of CIsco.

8. is another name on this list which makes remote management an easy job. In this, you will get an admin is where you can take meetings and organize web conferences. It enables the user for the screen sharing and you can also send messages.

The free version can help you organize web meetings up to ten people. With a simple and versatile interface, it works perfectly as a Teamviewer alternative.

9. SplashTop

Splashtop is a software developed to enable users to get access to their data, files for remote management. If you want remote access of five devices this software is a great choice.

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With excellent video quality, Splashtop offers 256-bit encryption to the files and messages you are transferring. It is a great Teamviewer alternative if you are looking for better security.

10. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is an award-winning software. It is more than 15 years old developed by Cambridge. Also, it has every feature you would get in a Teamviewer alternative. From Web conferencing to sending a message, all the features are awesome.

As the free version is very restricted but it is known for its security specifications. Every session is password-protected so that important messages cannot be hacked.


So, here we have discussed the best Teamviewer Alternative. Some are free and some are very affordable you are searching for a remote management app. This type of app is very useful for the small as well as big enterprises to manage their remote works.

They also provide high-quality web conferencing to keep them updated. Comment below about your favorite TeamViewer alternative and the features which helped you in managing your projects and people.