Best WoW Addons: All World of Warcraft Addons in 2020

Best Wow Addons
@Best Wow Addons

World of Warcraft is a top-rated game among gamers. If you love playing this game, you must use Best WoW Addons for more funs. There are many addons available on the internet. We have researched and listed here the WoW addons to make your gaming experience more fun.

Best WoW Addons

WoW, give an amazing experience with its gameplay and graphics. But it can be enhanced by the add-ons available online. You can improve graphics as well as gameplay. You can even eliminate the difficulties using these addons. If you are aware of the WoW addons here is the list of Best WoW Addons you must know:

1. Details Add-on

If you are WoW player details, addons can serve you the best. Some of the features include nicknaming the players. You can also see a real-time graph to keep an eye on your group performance. By downloading this addon, you could be in advantage and win the game more efficiently.

2. Simulationcraft

This addon is handy if you see ti do PvE content. With a straightforward interface, Simulation craft can enable you to have a tactical approach to every challenge you face. This can help you in slimming, which will enhance your character by choosing relevant talents.

3. BigWigs

BigWigs is the best WoW addon when you are fighting with the boss. This can help you win the final fight more effectively. This addon displays the notification of the boss using specific abilities in the battle. With a very customizable user interface, it will empower your character to an excellent level.

4. Trade Skill Master

As the name suggests, this wow addon helps you in crafting a making gold strategy. In the game, you should have more and more gold to win. TSM help to develop strategies to make more gold. It has a little complex interface, but that all worth it.

This addon decreases the mistakes of losing gold and make more profitable crafts. This is one of the coolest add-ons in the WoW.

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5. Auctionator

With Auctionaltor, you can easily buy and sell add-ons. It also helps you to gain more gold to win. Players have almost made more than 5 million gold with the help of this addon.

It is one of the best WoW addons for buying and selling operations. If ha a straightforward interface, so, if you like more complex ones, go for TSM.

6. GatherMate

Gather mate is another addon to accumulate valuable items. This add-on notifies you to collect some of the beneficial herbs, coins, oils, and other stuff. You can also earn thousands of gold by farming alongside.

One unique feature of this addon is that you can import the map of the other people, which will save you a lot of time.

7. Farmhud

Farmhud is an addon that works more efficiently when paired with a gather mate. You can track the gathering nodes with the help of this addon. If you want to improve your gaming experience, farmhand paired with Gathermate is the best possible addon in WoW.

8. Elvui

Elvis is an addon that helps you to redesign the whole game interface. If you want to enhance your gaming experience, this addon can help you a lot. You will gate extra attractive skins and graphics.

You can even resize, disable, and move each part of the game. With the coolest features, Elvui is te best WoW addons to enhance the interface quality and take your game to beyond recognition.

9. Dominos Addon

Dominos is another addon that works to improve the user interface. This allows the player to customize the interface fully. You can also change the keybindings. If you are looking for a UI enhancement addon Dominos is a viable option.

10. Azeroth Auto Pilot

WoW has many levels, and some of them need a lot of struggle to pass. If you want to cross the problematic levels without much difficulty, Azeroth autopilot is the best addon. This removes all the stress from your map and lets you pass the level quickly.

It also directs you to use certain items during the quest. You can even speed up the gaming by automating the hand-ins and pickups. So, if you want to complete the game fast, this addon is one of the most viable options.

11. Group Calendar

This addon helps to schedule the group activities. You can accept and decline group events like raids or in-game wedding. It provides you with an in-game calendar for planning and managing vents. So, if you want to be notified before any group event goes for Group calendar addon.

12. LibHealComm

LibHeal is a library add-on to keep track of the healing events done by both players. From a simple bar to a detailed report, this addon can show the healing event sin any graphics. It also estimates the healing ability of land for using talents and auras.

13. Antonilz

This is also an addon for the graphics. Some of the unique features are classic icons, dark frame snd textures. You can also hide the raid mangers. It also shows the various payer’s spells. It comes with error filters to minimize the errors. You can also customize the tooltip for a more attractive user interface.


Here are the WoW Best addons to enhance your gaming experience. From graphics to features, you can everything required t win the game using these addons. You can even complete the game faster than the standard gameplay by using these addons. So, comment on your favorite addon to go beyond the typical WoW gaming experience.