WoW Expansion List : All World of Warcraft Expansion List in Order

WoW Expansion List
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World of Warcraft Expansion List

If you love playing games, you must be familiar with the name of World of Warcraft. After its launch  2004, this game became so popular that the company released many variants of this game, which increased the WoW expansion list. With incredible graphics and gameplay, WoW completely dominated the gaming industry.

It is so much engaging that anyone can get an addiction to it just after playing for a few hours. Till now, there is a 7 WoW expansion list with different variants. Different variants have their specialties and new introductions to the gameplay.

You will witness new features in different extensions. With new maps and improved gameplay, Warcraft became a gaming sensation after its release.

All WoW Expansion List in Order

Here we have discussed all the WoW expansion in order of there release date. If you love the World of Warcraft game, you will enjoy playing this game. So, let’s jump directly to the list:

1. The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade is the first in the WoW expansion list. It was announced date in October 2005. This expansion came with many changes in the graphics and mechanics of the original game. With two new clams- Blood elves and Dranei and their world on the map, it became more interesting.

Some additional changes were customization for new characters and a variety of new quests and regions to explore. The character limits also increased to 70. They also introduced Flying mounts.

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New, abilities introduced, and Shaman and Paladin made standard factions. Now, players can also design their weapons with the help of a new profession called jewel crafting. With these fantastic features, Th Burning Crusade became very popular among WoW lovers.

Release Date: January 2007

2. The Wrath Of Lich King

After the functional responses of Warcraft 2, The wrath of the Lich King was introduced in August 2007. This game has more detailed graphics and maps to give an excellent experience to the player.  Although no new clans were organized, This game was mainly based on the anti-hero of the game called Arthas. The gameplay made Athas The Lich King by the end.

This player was introduced to another world in the map naled Northrend. The expansion also added a new hero class, Death knights with the additional forging ability, and many more. With so much detailed map, this was the second WoW expansion for the lover of Warcraft.

Release Date: November 2008

3. CatacLysm

Cataclysm is the third on the list, which altered almost every area on the map. It rocked the Azeroth by changing the entire landscape. A new character was introduced as the ultimate villain after Arthas and Illidan called the Deathwing. Two new races were introduced names as Goblins and Worgen, which were region-specific.

New zones were introduced in Kalimdor, and the level cap increased to 85. The social class system was restructured, and many unique races and classes were added. This was the Wow Expansion, Cataclysm.

Release Date: December 2010

4. Mists Of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria started with a tribe that was introduced as a prank on April’s fool day in the game. This was considered a joke by the fans before it was revealed as actual game development. It was the introduction in September 2012.

As this game id based on magic, This WoW expansion focuses on exploring the Pandarian continent Full f magical quests and objects this expansion focuses on the never-ending conflict between the Horde and the Alliance.

The level cap became 90. This WoW expansion list introduced a tribe called Pandaren, which is free to choose their side. They can either join Horde or the Alliance, which is entirely the choice of the players, which is the most exciting part of this WoW expansion.

Release Date: September 2012

5. Warlords of Draenor

The next expansion was Warlords of Draenor. The company introduced a sit-in in November 2013. This expansion took the player in the history of the Warcraft world. This focuses on the different timelines for the fort time. This timeline was regarding Orcs from Draenor.

This WoW expansion list enhances the overall quality of the game. The players get to see world-class detailed graphics and character models. They also revamped the quest log and inventory. With beautiful graphics, you will love playing this game.

Release Date: November 2014

6. Legion

Legion is the 5th name on this list. With its debut in August 2016, This game has a very popular fanbase. This game is based on a character Gul’dan from an alternate world. The gameplay is on Gul’dan unlocking the sargeras’ tomb. They also introduced the Broken Isles in the game. Dalaran was shifted to the top.

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Now the maximum level in Legion expansion ids 110, which previously was 100. They also introduce a new hero class – the Demon Hunter. New courses were introduced j this WoW expansion, and some more read were given, which was class-specific. Players can also classify their weapons according to their requirements in the game.

Release Date Are: August 2016

7. Battle For Azeroth

Battle For Azeroth is the latest name in the WoW expansion list. The fundamental factor of this game is based on the story. The storyline focuses on the battle of Azeroth, especially in the war between Horde and the Alliance. This Expansion has multiple chapters, which is of the war campaign plot between the two. It comes into light in November 2017 when the company announced it.

With eight new races, this game is an excellent selection to play. The plyers can reskin them. This game also took the player in the modern world of graphics. The gameplay and the graphics of this WoW expansion list are amazing.

Release Date: August 2018

Best Thought

So, this was the list for the popular War of Warcraft- WoW Expansions list. With fantastic gameplay and fights, you will enjoy this game a lot. We have witnessed the development of the world warcraft. The expectations of the game lovers became very high after seeing the previous expansions. In the future, we will witness more graphical wonder in this game. The company has recently announced that it will continue the expansion in the near future. Play and enjoy the game, but beware of addiction as it is very bad.